TMJ-Sleep Colorado is a practice solely dedicated to the treatment of patients with cranio-mandibular pain disorders and to patients with snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea who are CPAP intolerant.


Dr. Jim Beck's experience and training in the fields of treating OSA and TMD exceeds 10 years.  Our office performs a complete and thorough clinical examination, advanced technologies for screening, close attention to intra-oral habits, and also checking the nasal and oral airway for obstruction.  A multi-disciplinary approach of the treatment of OSA/TMD is our number one goal.

If a patient comes to our office and has signs of OSA, protocol involves to first always refer patients for proper diagnosis and assessment by physicians, i.e. overnight PSG or what the physician prefers.  The first line of treatment for patients should always be CPAP, which, as you know, is 100% successful when patients are compliant.  Only when CPAP intolerance is present or surgery is not indicated would oral appliance therapy be suggested.  

You will be informed of the treatment and progress of your patients. 

How to refer a patient for TMD or OSA:

Call Jeanette at 719-544-0901 and she will be happy to take information over the phone.


Download the referral form and fax it along with necessary documentation to 719-543-7107